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Simplified Software Solutions India is a leading CRM Software Development Company and CRM Integration service provider. We do CRM Software Development as per the need of the particular business.

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A CRM system is a specific software for sales and built according to the business objectives of an organization. Such a customized CRM solution let you not only effectively deal with your associations with existing clients, but also increase the attractiveness quality of your business for potential ones. 


CRM Software uses data analysis about current and old customers to improve business relationships, specifically focusing on customer retentions and ultimately improves sales growth. It is used for methodologies, software and Internet capabilities and even to easy down the work. We also provide ERP and CRM Software that assist the businesses to achieve a higher level of the customer relationship. In a single sentence, you can say that CRM- Customer Relationship Management would help in improving the sales as well as revenue of the company.


We provide you with custom CRM modules and incorporate your CRM Solutions with third party application to provide IT sync within various applications. We offer customization services that allow us to deliver CRM and accountancy systems that exactly meets your needs and specifications. 


We make efficient CRM systems that will help the clients accelerate growth with proper communication methods with their consumers. We also integrate CRM with the client’s enterprise applications that will help them in driving profits and business excellence in all accounts.

CRM Development Services

android app development

Custom CRM software Solution 

We provide custom CRM software development and custom features that extend CRM automation and functionality. Optimize your customer lifecycle journey and experience with customer-facing CRM application development for membership management, loyalty programs, gifts/offers management and more.
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CRM Maintenance & Upgrades

At Smarts3, you get the best kind of support services for a wide range of products and releases. With us, it's easier than you stay on your current, stable releases via the next decade. Beyond sans the necessity of software upgrades – meanwhile, the right to upgrade is retained on a timeline suiting your business requirements and budget.

CRM Integration Services

Our Custom CRM software development services include CRM integration with social media platforms and different 3rd party API CRM integration systems. Our CRM integrated solutions provide sales, management, ticketing systems automation and more.

CRM Implementation Tools

Smarts3 is a leading custom CRM software provider. We develop CRM integration tools that include custom creation task lists/assignments, affiliate management, alerts/notifications, and automated process templates for simplified usability.

CRM Training And Support

With us, you get dedicated, CRM specialist training and support to ensure success from your CRM initiative. With our training work, we focus on customized, high-quality training and training delivery and support.

CRM Mobile Application

CRM Mobile Application Development that enhances the quality of your CRM data and gives you access to various combinations of devices such as laptops, desktops, tablets, Smartphone etc.

ios app development

CRM Migration Services 

We migrate and extract data from your legacy system. As a leading custom CRM software development company, we remove outdated parameters and optimizing CRM solutions.

Quality Assurance

Implies checking that the CRM functionality works as required, spotting bugs and deficiencies in the system.

Our CRM Development Process

Requirement Analysis

we communicate with the customer to acquire the CRM project development requirement in detail

Analysis and Planning 

our project manager analyzes the requirements and comes up with a project plan to develop application


our CRM specialists come up with an initial design that is submitted to the customer for approval

CRM Development 

When a design has been approved, the full development of the CRM system takes place

Integration and Testing 

The CRM system is integrated at the customer's end, and our expert testers begin testing the system to pick out errors and bugs.


The final deployment and integration of the CRM system are performed at the customer's end.

CRM Development for all the niches

Healthcare & Fitness

Shopping & E-Commerce

Education & E-Learning

Travel & Hospitality

On-Demand Solutions

Food & Restaurant

Real Estate

Social Networking


Benefits of CRM Development

  • Better customer information organizing
  • Each client interaction is documented and recorded  
  • Improved Lead Management  
  • As client contacts, client's preferences, past purchases, and pop up on the representative's screen 
  • Increased Productivity
  • Automated Sales Process  
  • Sales people's processes, for example, filling out forms, raising issues, reports generation get automated.
  • Analysis and Reports  
  • Various tools and plugins of CRM allow businesses to inspect sales, client interactions, conversions, and so on.  
  • Data Security  
  • A centralized CRM system allows only authorized persons to access customer data and trade details.

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The affordable pricing of Application Development, Maintenance, and Upgrades

Less time spent on training the end-users because a custom CRM system is created based on your business workflow

Developing a cost-effective and flexible application to scale your business growth

Specialized in-house software developers with 9+ years of experience

24*7 Support service through the call, chat, and mail

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Know about our processes and how we work with the help of the following FAQs.

Q: Is our data secure? 

ANS: Yes. Your data is protected by Secure Socket Layers (SSL) and encryption. 

Q: How does the CRM work?

ANS: CRMs work by integrating all kinds of sales activities from the customer side into a single software. This ensures people can work essentially on their various processes on a unified interface. 

Q: How can I get support?

ANS: The right way to get support for your website would be through a professional expert. We will help you with support for your applications.

Q: Would I able to see my CRM application while it's in progress?

ANS: Yes, We develop your CRM application on our development server and provide you with a password and username so that you can sign in and monitor the progress of your CRM application.